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Tire Data Calculator & DIY On board AIR

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  • Tire Data Calculator & DIY On board AIR

    Hello KR team,

    my first post on the Forum,

    On to a DIY air tank project for my XTERRA, wanted to be sure the tank can hold enough air to fill up my tyres really fast. In order to do that needed to find a way to calculate how much volume of Air is needed for my tyre(275-7--16 GEO ATS)

    so a friend recommended this website

    found my tyre needs approximately 83 liters of air, so now on to finding a tank which can hold atleast 200Liters of compressed air, which i will be modding to be filled up at petrol station air chuck or hosed directly with on board air compressor.

    hope you find this info helpful, if your onto such projects, please share your thoughts.