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    Hello Fellow Kinghtriders

    Would like to share details on buying Garmin Montana or any Garmin models in UAE. AMIT (Abdulla Moh'd Ibrahim Gen. Trading Est) are the authorized distributor of Garmin products in UAE, I got my Garmin Montana from them and also previous NUVI model, you can shop online ( or once you have checked online the prices/Model you can contact them directly and negotiate for better pricing which I did. I got my Montana 610 for AED 1670/- (Online price AED 2029), you will also have to buy car holder which also acts as charger and speaker which will cost you around AED 230/- (online price AED310). Please note in Montana you have three models 610, 680 and 680t, difference is 680 model comes with 8 MP camera and 680t have camera plus pre-loaded TOPO maps, from what I could make 610 model is more than enough if compared between three models, again its personal choice. With this model you get 1 year Birdseye satellite imagery subscription, using which you can download high resolution terrain photos and load on to your Montana, this is useful when you are exploring new terrain and gives you a good idea about the terrain you are going to explore, for this you will have to use Basecamp software from Garmin (Free to download) for more specifications check this link

    Well please note it will take some time to get used to Montana and is not as user friendly as NUVI models, this device is for off track use. However, you can still use it for day to day commute and for this you need to buy city navigator maps which will cost you AED 400. If you are looking for low cost , user friendly , with life time map updates for city commute then this device is not the correct choice please go for NUVI models again this can still be used for off-roading purpose and easy to operate, but if you are looking for more, then Montana or GPSMAP276Cx ( online price AED2999) are the best.

    Now the contact details

    Sales Executive - Iman Bagheri
    Phone- 04-2255523
    Mobile- 056-1758060
    N-25* 15.979, E- 055* 17.714

    You can call him and discuss the pricing and also they will deliver to your doorstep with cash-on delivery option.

    if anyone need more information, always feel free to contact me.